What’s on offer from high-value home insurance?

If you’ve ever considered taking out high-value home insurance but have dismissed it because you don’t think it’s suitable for you or are concerned about the cost, I’d strongly advise you to take another look.

After all, what’s the use in paying for a policy that doesn’t fully protect your most valuable belongings? There’s nothing more frustrating than making a claim only to have it rejected because the item in question falls outside the remit of your insurance – or to discover you can’t recover the full value of your most prized possessions because they are worth more than the maximum amount paid out on individual pieces.

In addition to ensuring all your most valuable belongings are fully protected, high net worth home insurance has a host of other benefits. Here are just a few that certainly make it worth considering:

Global protection

Do you frequently jet off around the world, either for work or pleasure? If so, do you often take expensive items of jewellery with you like your favourite watch, earrings or necklace? Yes? Well, in that case high-value insurance is definitely for you.

Many policies will provide worldwide protection for cash and credit cards, as well as offering all-risk cover for high-value pieces of jewellery. What this means is that you can make a claim if any of your jewellery is damaged or lost in a situation not specifically excluded by the policy.

Obviously, you’ll need to read the small print carefully to find out exactly what these exclusions are, but double-checking the specific terms is something you should do with any insurance document.

Specialist cover and valuations

If you have a collection of artwork, antiques, wines or even guns, you should get your possessions valued and insure them accordingly. Providers of high-value policies are specialists at dealing with unusual belongings and tailoring cover accordingly, making them the ideal people to turn to if you want to make sure the contents of your home are fully protected.

An expert will be sent to your home to appraise your possessions, so you can rest assured your policy will reflect the true value of the pieces in question. In addition, specialist insurers often encourage policyholders to have their belongings re-valued on a regular basis, thereby ensuring your cover is always up to date.

Cover for student belongings

If your children are heading off to university, they’ll no doubt be taking plenty of things with them. Student properties can often be targeted by thieves, but many young people don’t even think about taking out cover for their possessions, until it’s too late.

With high-value home insurance, you won’t need to worry, as the protection is extended to your child’s belongings while they are away from home. Of course, having a laptop stolen is never easy to deal with, but at least you can rest assured their studies won’t be interrupted for weeks or months on end while they save up to replace it.

Protect your home office

The majority of standard contents insurance won’t cover home office equipment, forcing you to take out an additional policy to protect important devices like computers, printers, fax machines and photocopiers you use for business in your home.

This can quickly mount up but, if your livelihood relies on you having this equipment available day in, day out, you’ll have little choice. With high net worth insurance, though, you’ll discover these devices are covered as part of the rest of your policy, not only saving you money, but also lots of time and hassle as you won’t need to shop around for separate insurance.

What kind of experience have you had with high-value contents insurance? Are there any other benefits to choosing this level of cover?