Do’s and Don’ts of choosing motorbike insurance

Choosing bike insurance is like a voyage – in the same way that you create a new journey each time you ride your motorbike. Whether you are looking for a new insurance policy that is affordable for you or you want to find a motorcycle insurance policy for a specific bike, we have made a handy list of do’s and don’ts that will help you whenever you are in the market for motorbike insurance, there is probably lots of help at the financial ombudsman site also:


• Shop around for the best deal especially if you are choosing classic bike insurance. The idea of avoiding overpaying for a classic bike is bound to be on your mind so don’t overpay on insurance either. Use our service to find cheap classic motorbike insurance that will not break the bank.

• Ask your insurance provider about how much legal protection you will receive. Many providers can give you motorbike legal cover of up to £100,000.

• Find out the ins and outs of your no claims discount feature on your insurance policy. Does it included a protected no claims bonus? Look for the answers you need before you buy your next policy.

• Pay monthly if you can only afford to pay monthly – insurers are aware that many people live on strict budgets so you should not feel too squeezed with low premiums on a variety of motorbike models.

• Pay yearly if you want to have a discounted price off the insurance. Some insurers provide discounts that can sweeten the deal if you have just paid for your motorbike with a lump sum.

• Take female motorbike insurance if you are a woman. The numbers do not lie and statistics show that women tend to be safer riders than men when it comes to motorbikes, which adds lower insurance premiums onto the table.


• Think that insurance call centres are not based in the UK! Many insurance providers have UK based call centres that can answer all your queries without any issues.

• Insure only one motorbike if you have plenty of bikes in your portfolio. Insurers are now giving riders the chance to have multi-bike insurance policies under the same name which is guaranteed to give moneysaving returns to you.

• Be alarmed if your motorbike breaks down and you think insurance will give you a hard time. A typical feature of insurance cover is UK breakdown protection at the least. This will give you peace of mind as you explore the country with your bike.

Got Motorbikes On Your Mind – Time to Insure Them!

Insurance is an interesting thing. Sure, no one really wants to think about the premiums, but have you ever stopped and thought about the protection that insurance affords you? When it comes to insurance on vehicles, that protection comes in the form of reduced liability. If you were ever in a collision where you were going to have to shell out thousands of dollars for damages, you could really use some help on your side. That help usually comes in the form of the insurance company. It’s the law to have insurance on any vehicle on the road, since you will want to be able to take care of the medical and/or general damages and costs that someone incurs in the case of an at-fault accident.

When you have your eye on motorbikes, it can really start to become an obsession. We’re motorbike fans as well, and it’s important to put insurance as one of your priorities when you’re really trying to get a motorbike of your very own. A lot of people think about skipping the insurance but this is actually not something that you should do. For starters if you’re going to drive it on public roads, you are going to have to get insurance. Otherwise, if you are caught without the insurance it’s going to mean a stiff penalty.

It’s important to keep in mind that when it comes to motorbikes, you’re not always going to be able to just compare policies by price. That’s like comparing apples to oranges, because not every insurance policy is equal — and the world of motorbike insurance coverage isn’t exempt from this rule either. The truth is that you’re really going to need to do some digging in order to make sure that you really find a great policy that’s going to work for you.

The best way to make sure that you’re saving as much money as you can on your motorbike insurance plan is to make sure that you really do get the best safety features for your motorbike. You want to make sure that you have strong lighting and reflective tape so that you can be seen at night. In addition, you will want to make sure that the brakes and other “stopping” gear has been checked over by a safety-oriented mechanic. That way you can show your insurance company that you’re trying to take security and safety as a priority in your life. They just might be able to reduce your policy’s premiums.

Now is the perfect time to get an insurance policy quote on the motorbikes that you want to purchase — get started today!