Holiday Insurance

It is often a gamble as to whether to take out holiday insurance. Some home insurance policies have free holiday insurance thrown in and therefore normally additional cover is not needed. Some holiday companies insist on insurance being taken out and then again the decision is made for you. But most of the time, it is up to the individual to decide whether or not to take out insurance.

As with all insurance there are advantages and disadvantages. The cost is obviously one disadvantage. If you are older or have a history of illness then the cost can be quite large. The holiday is likely to cost quite a bit anyway and the insurance can be an expense that just seems unaffordable. There is also all of the hassle of taking it out, searching for a good price and things like that – there is always a lot to do when you are preparing to go on holiday anyway. However, it can be very useful to have such an insurance in place for a variety of reasons.

If you luggage gets damaged or disappears, then the insurance should cover you for replacing it. If your holiday gets cancelled for some reason or maybe your flights are delayed and you need to stay in a hotel, then the insurance may cover that cost as well. If you are unwell when abroad then the insurance should pay for the health care. If you are travelling to Europe then you can fill out a form for free and get health cover for nothing but in non-EU countries you will need to pay for medical treatment if you do not have the relevant insurance cover.

There are different levels of travel insurance and so it is important to think about what you want cover for and to check that the policy you take out will give you cover for those things. There is often exceptions where they will not pay out and so it is worth looking at those as well.