How To Get The Best Term Life Insurance Quote

Term life insurance is an insurance policy that pays a benefit upon the death of the policyholder. Term life insurance policies have stated terms and do not build a cash value. When the term expires, the policyholder has the option of buying another term life policy, purchasing a whole life policy or foregoing life insurance.

Many factors affect the rate for term life insurance policies. Some of those determining factors include age, health, personal habits and credit. While age and gender are beyond anyone’s control, certain habits and hobbies can affect life insurance rates. For example, smoking and skydiving can both significantly increase life insurance rates. Young people, women, nonsmokers and healthy people with good credit and no risky hobbies get the best life insurance quotes. There are ways, though, to get a good life insurance quote even with some risk factors.


Smokers can get better life insurance rates if they quit smoking for at least a year. Some insurance companies require former smokers to be smoke-free for three to five years before they are eligible for nonsmoker rates. Life insurance companies are glad to offer lower rates to nonsmokers because they tend to be healthier and have longer life expectancies than people who smoke cigarettes. Term life insurance can cost up to three times more for smokers than nonsmokers.

Term Life Insurance

Health Conditions

Most life insurance companies require applicants to have a physical exam prior to the start of the policy. Applicants with a good report from the doctor will be offered a better rate. Certain health problems can make it hard to find affordable term life insurance. For instance, a person with high cholesterol has a higher likelihood of having a heart attack. That risk factor alone can lead to a higher term life insurance quote. However, health conditions that are being successful managed with medications and physician supervision have less of an impact on term life insurance rates.


Life insurance companies look at the personal history as well as the medical history of insurance applicants. Some of the records that may be reviewed include driving records and credit reports. A clean driving history and excellent credit will yield the best quotes for term life insurance. On the other end of the spectrum, a DUI or bankruptcy will likely cause the life insurance quote to increase exponentially. Applicants with minor driving or credit problems will get better quotes as their situation improves.

Risky Behavior

Hobbies such as surfing, rock climbing and skiing put the participator at a higher risk of death, making them a higher risk to the life insurance company. While the applicant may not think their favorite pastime is dangerous, failure to disclose the information may jeopardize a claim on a term life insurance policy.

It is important to tell the truth on term life insurance applications. In many cases, the agent or broker will tell applicants which risk factors are causing the quote to be higher than expected and give advise on how to lower the rate.