Home Insurance

Whether you own your home or not, it makes sense to have some sort of home insurance. You may think that your possessions are not worth that much or that nothing will ever happen to you home, but the truth is that you just don’t know.

The UK has seen hurricanes and excessive flooding which has resulted in property damage in many areas. Burglary can result in the loss of some of your treasured possessions. In fact, some statistics show that a third of us are affected by this crime. That’s why it makes sense to insure your home and contents against loss or damage with Halifax home insurance.

Home insurance can take many forms, with different policies available for homeowners, landlords and tenants. In order to get home insurance you will need to supply the landlord with information about the building you are insuring. That might include when the building was constructed and what forms of security exist, such as a protected entrance or a home alarm system. This will aid the insurer in determining how much risk there is to your property and in setting the insurance premiums that will apply.

Types Of Home Insurance

Buildings insurance is one form of home insurance. This covers the rebuilding cost of your home rather than its market value. That means the level of insurance cover is based on how much it would cost to construct your home again from scratch.

A buildings home insurance policy may also cover your home against damage through vandalism, natural disasters such as storms and floods, subsidence, water leakage and fire. It is best to check exactly what is covered by your particular policy.

Contents insurance can cover anything that is not part of the building. While some home insurance policies cover both buildings and contents, there are also contents insurance policies as part of landlord insurance or standalone contents policies for tenants.

Contents insurance can insure your household goods against damage from fire, natural disasters, vandalism, theft and accidental damage. Some contents insurance policies cover your garden plants as well, while others include cover for items such as mobile phones and laptop computers that you use away from home.

There is a wide variation in what may be covered by a home insurance policy, so shop around for the best premium and the best level of cover. Make sure that you insure for the full replacement value of your possessions (or get new for old cover) and watch out for the excess figures