Curfew and restrictions proposed for young drivers

Drivers under 25 with fewer than two years’ experience shouldn’t be allowed to drive between 11pm and 4am, said the Association for British Insurers (ABI) this week.

The new proposal by the ABI also recommends a zero tolerance approach to alcohol for young drivers.

Additionally, learner drivers under 25 would be required to spend at least one year behind the wheel before passing their test, effectively doing away with the concept of intensive driving courses.

ABI’s director of general insurance and health Nick Starling said: ‘Our proposals are not designed to drive young drivers off the road, but to ensure that they become safer drivers.’

The goal of reducing loss of life on our roads is a commendable one; however the ABI’s suggestions involve taking away freedom and independence for young people, while also reducing their opportunity for gaining experience in the road.

One potential avenue for positively encouraging safer driving habits among young people is the use of “black box” telematics technology.  A new wave of young driver insurers is encouraging young people to drive responsibility, with benefits on offer including cheaper car insurance and safer roads for all.  Getting behind the wheel having only recently passed can be a costly process, especially for teenagers – primarily due to the cost of New Driver car insurance for those who haven’t built up a no-claims discount yet.

The majority of young drivers don’t actually have a crash, and so enforcing curfews and restrictions across the board seems unfair for many young people.

We’d be interested to hear your thoughts in the comments – should young drivers be banned from driving late at night?